Hydraulic Directional Control Tank Valve 3/4"
Hydraulic Directional Control Tank Valve 3/4
Hydraulic Directional Control Tank Valve 3/4
HYDRAULIC VALVES / Directional Control Valve


Technical Details
Specification Value
Valve Type 22-25 TVL 3/4"
Deby Efficiency (Lt/Min) 110
Working Pressure (Bar/Psi) 190/2755
Maximum Pressure (Bar/Psi) 230/3335
Weight (Kg.) 7,2
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Hydraulic Directional Control Tank Valve 3/4



In the intricate realm of hydraulic systems, directional control valves stand as the orchestrators of fluid flow, directing the course of hydraulic power with precision and control. This article explores the fundamental aspects of directional control valves, delving into their design, functionalities, applications, and the pivotal role they play in steering hydraulic operations across diverse industries.

Introduction to Directional Control Valves

A directional control valve is a fundamental component in hydraulic systems, responsible for managing the direction of fluid flow. These valves determine which path hydraulic fluid takes within a system, enabling the control of hydraulic actuators such as cylinders and motors.

Design and Operating Mechanism Spool Valve Mechanism

Directional control valves often utilize a spool valve mechanism. A spool, a cylindrical component within the valve, slides back and forth to control the flow of hydraulic fluid. The position of the spool determines the direction of fluid flow and, consequently, the function of the hydraulic system.

Poppet Valve Mechanism

In some directional control valves, a poppet valve mechanism is employed. Poppet valves use a disc or other sealing element to control the flow of fluid. The movement of the poppet determines whether the valve is open or closed, directing the fluid accordingly.

Types of Directional Control Valves 4/3 and 4/2 Valves

These valves have four ports and three or two possible positions, allowing for control over the direction of flow and the blocking of ports. They are commonly used in applications where precise control over hydraulic actuators is required.

3/2 Valves

With three ports and two positions, 3/2 valves are simpler in design. They control the flow direction in applications where a simple on/off function is sufficient.

Applications Across Industries Manufacturing and Industrial Processes

Directional control valves play a crucial role in manufacturing machinery, including injection molding machines, presses, and conveyor systems. They enable precise control over hydraulic functions critical for industrial processes.

Mobile Hydraulics

In mobile hydraulic applications, such as construction and agricultural machinery, directional control valves steer the movement of equipment, controlling tasks like lifting, lowering, and steering.

Oil and Gas Industry

Directional control valves are integral to hydraulic systems in the oil and gas industry, where they control the movement of actuators in equipment like drilling rigs and wellhead control systems.

Advantages of Directional Control Valves Precision Control

Directional control valves offer precise control over the flow of hydraulic fluid, allowing for accurate and efficient operation of hydraulic actuators.


These valves come in various configurations, providing versatility to suit different hydraulic system requirements. They can be customized for specific applications and functionalities.


Directional control valves are known for their reliability in controlling fluid flow. Their robust design ensures consistent performance in demanding industrial environments.

Conclusion: Steering Hydraulic Precision

In conclusion, directional control valves emerge as the navigators of hydraulic systems, steering fluid flow with precision and control. Whether in manufacturing plants, mobile machinery, or the oil and gas industry, these valves serve as crucial components in ensuring the efficient operation of hydraulic systems. Understanding their design, functionalities, and advantages is pivotal for harnessing their capabilities and optimizing hydraulic operations in the dynamic landscape of industrial technology.

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